Our New Yanaguana Games Team Member

Today, we're officially announcing the newest member of the Yanaguana Games team, Andrew Toth, our Game Development Lead!

I met Andrew at the same place I met Marshall, at Joan Shamas' Cards & Crafts in San Antonio, TX, and I'm pretty sure I met him before Marshall. He was another regular at Friday Night Magic, and though it was definitely fun to win, he was more of a laid-back player like me. I knew he had a great mind for games as he would frequently help me improve my deck of the week, and even once managed to "top 8" with an amalgamation of cards from a Clash Pack. Though it wasn't the toughest field to play in, accomplishing that was still a feat.

Marshall and Andrew met way back before either of them knew me, so I'm the new guy in the group. We all share a love of games and it made sense to have Andrew join the team.

Me, Marshall, and Andrew out at night during the PAX South 2015 weekend.

Me, Marshall, and Andrew out at night during the PAX South 2015 weekend.

At PAX South 2015, Andrew was right there with us, meeting with the independent game developers, playing some new games, and was part of the same demo of what was then called "Tides," Marshall's original game. Andrew's most valuable asset to the team is the way he always tells it as it is. If an idea sucks, he's right there to let us know, and has a way of explaining why it's no good. He doesn't sugar coat things, and that's helpful in a creative process.

Once things get rolling a bit more, Andrew will be the point of contact for any play tests that we conduct. For now, that's still Marshall and I, so if you're interested in joining us on Tabletop Simulator, shoot us an email with the subject "I want to play test!"

Finally, the entry period for Hasbro's contest has ended. According to their blog, they are currently in the process of evaluating the over 450 submissions. Everyone, please cross your fingers in hopes that they like our game. We'll be updating if we hear anything.

Come back on Tuesday for another reveal of some of the cards in Shipload o'Gold!