Just a Wee Bit of Info

Sorry, I visited Scotland this past weekend, so I've got a little of their lingo stuck in my head still. Like last week, there's not too much to report on from Yanaguana HQ, but here's a quick rundown of some of the things going on.

We got our business cards done (finally), so we can start handing those out and spreading word about our company.

Marshall has finished up artwork for all the cards, so we are going to get this version of the game submitted to the fine people at Penny Arcade in hopes of making it into the Indie Game Showcase at PAX South.

We're getting price quotes from various companies on printing an initial limited run of the game, so we can get a few demo copies out to some of the local game stores and have some to sell at PAX.

We're also starting to build on some of the other game ideas we had so that we can get our next game rolling along as we're putting finishing touches on Shipload o'Gold.

This really is that calm period before the storm. We're working hard to have our big public introduction of the game at PAX South, with a crowdfunding campaign currently set to go live in February. If we happen to be one of the lucky few picked in the Hasbro contest, then that obviously all gets moved up quite a bit as I believe they plan on having the Indiegogo campaigns launching in December. Having to be super-busy to prepare for that is one burden we wouldn't mind having.

In the meantime, be sure to check back next Tuesday, as I'll be revealing some more of what you'll see in Shipload o'Gold!