Avast Ye Landlubbers!

For today's Action card reveal, we'll look at what the pirates like doing to the bustling economic centers they come across.

Today's Action card is another of the original designs I had for Action cards that has stayed with the game throughout all the iterations. For the original set of Action cards, I had brainstormed over a weekend various things I though pirates would do. From that list, I assigned game play actions that I thought would fit with what the word described. The first Action card I revealed, Capture, was originally called Plunder. When we noticed the need for an additional mechanic (that will be revealed later, sorry!), the names of most of the original Action cards needed to be changed. Only 4 cards still have their original name. Today's card is one of them.

As you can imagine, this card was thought up as a way of interacting with the coins that would pile up in the center pot as a game progressed. Depending on how many people were playing the game, this could also be a big payday for a single player, even with you only taking half of the center's coins. You'll notice that the sell value on this is 0. We have a few cards that allow a player to take coins from the center. It didn't make sense to have a sell value on those, as the action would almost always get the player at least 1 coin anyway. The lone exception would be if there were no coins in the center, which would mean you couldn't get any coins for selling the card either. Mechanic-lore-wise, this card only takes half of the coins from the center for a reason. We figured pirates raiding a coastal village would probably be moving quickly, and thus wouldn't take everything. Just what they could easily get their hands on.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I designed the initial concept of the Weather Deck as what would end the game, and the Action Deck as what would extend the game. This card is a prime example of how the Action cards extend the game. The game is designed so that as time goes on, more coins will be put into the center than passed around among players. We've already shown that coins can be stolen from another player via the Capture card, but that doesn't end up extending the game as the coins remain within the active "economy." Raid is a way of pulling those center coins back into the player "economy" and allowing them to continue.

As an interesting aside, I happened to see a trailer linked on Reddit for an upcoming movie called "Mafia," which is apparently based on the party game of the same name (which has all the Werewolf variations as well). Here's the link to the trailer. How crazy is that? I wonder if some day, someone will make a movie based off Shipload o'Gold. (insert sarcasm)