Now That's Out of the Way

Due to a family medical emergency (which is now under control), we weren't able to have our weekly business meeting today, so there's not as much to update you all on as I'd like, but here's what we have for news this week.

We got an email back from Hasbro regarding our submission in their Next Great Game competition. Unfortunately, we were not one of the games selected. While that is definitely a bummer for us, we still believe in Shipload o'Gold, and that you all will enjoy it quite a bit. We enjoy it so much that Marshall even went and created a whole new set of artwork for the Action cards, which you can see in the Card Gallery for the cards already revealed. I even went and made a Motivational Poster with a nice photo from a recent trip.

Since a workable set of art is now finished, we are ready to go for some blind play testing with print and play versions of the game. You'll get to see what our game is like and enjoy it with your friends and family for free. All we'll ask of you is to fill out a questionnaire about your experience with the game. If you are interested, please send us an email. This is an important development step for us, so please share post among your friends and family. If you're not able to get some testing in for us, maybe someone you know can.

If play testing a physical copy isn't your cup of tea, we're still always looking for people to join in on our online play test sessions using Tabletop Simulator. If you've got a copy and want to join in, use this email link to let us know, and we'll get back to you regarding when our next session will be.

Next Tuesday, I will be back with another Action card reveal, and this one's a doozy.