All Quiet on the Seas

There is not really much going on business-wise this week to announce. We're still waiting to hear anything from Hasbro regarding the Next Great Party Game competition. Marshall is finishing up the last few bits of artwork, and we're starting to look at printers to get prices on what should be the final version of our cards.

Since there's not much going on, I wanted to take some time to mention a game that all three of us saw for the first time at PAX South 2015 - Billionaire Banshee.

The first night of PAX, Marshall and I started meeting with some of the independent game designers and publishers selling their games. One of the most interesting games we saw was Billionaire Banshee, so we chatted with the designer, Steven Bailey, for a bit. 

Simply put, the game is sort of a “blind date” set up, where you’re given two cards describing your date. One card is a Perk, usually something positive, and the other is a Quirk, which can range from having random mid-sleep diarrhea to having translucent skin. There are also more “adult” Perks and Quirks if you’re playing with a rowdy bunch. The cards all have an icon of sorts to describe what category of Perk or Quirk they are, in case you want to tailor the decks a bit. The Unicorn means the card will be more fantastical, the person wearing glasses means the card is relatively normal, and the leather-clad character indicates the “adult” cards. Whoever isn’t drawing a Perk and Quirk card ends up voting on if the player would Date the person the Perk and Quirk describe, or if they’d Deny them. The player reveals if they’d Date or Deny, and everyone that voted correctly gets a point. There’s no board and no pieces beyond the two decks of cards, so the game is very portable. The box it comes in is designed like an old school NES game box, and Steven himself did all the excellent artwork.

In the version we had (I don’t know if it has changed since PAX South 2015), there were also rules variations for other types of games. It is also pretty open-ended, so it is easy to come up with your own variations as well.

If you’re often in the company of a few or more other people, and you play games with them, I would definitely suggest picking up a copy of Billionaire Banshee if you haven’t yet. You’re sure to get quite a few great laughs, and probably learn a bit about your friends, maybe a bit too much. Check it out on Facebook here, or pick up a copy on Amazon here.