The Wanderer

Well, 2/3rds of Yanaguana HQ are wandering the wasteland of Boston in the year 2278, but we're still here to bring you an update through the radiation.

We've settled on a printer for our initial run of Shipload o'Gold. Marshall is checking to make sure the artwork will all work with the company's templates. We should be placing the order for the initial run within the next 2-3 weeks. Thus, even if something happens, we should still have our copies with us at PAX South in January. We still haven't heard yet if we'll make it into the Indie Tabletop Showcase, but they've told us we'll know by 1 December.

Alex got his plane ticket to San Antonio for PAX weekend, so that's big news that all of Yanaguana HQ will be in attendance for PAX.

We're looking for more people to try out our print & play test version of Shipload o'Gold, so if you're interested, shoot us an email!