No Rest

Here's the rundown from Yanaguana HQ for this week:

Marshall has put the final touches on the artwork files for our first print run. We'll likely be sending that to the printer within the next two weeks (as our finances allow). If you haven't noticed yet, I've updated the artwork in the Gallery with this version.

I also added a list of our playtesters to the Gallery. It doesn't look like we'll be able to fit them on a printed part of this initial run, so I wanted to recognize them on the site. In the Kickstarter version, we will likely have some more flexibility with what we're printing, so those names will be added there. If you'd like to get your name on the list, we have a print & play version prepared. All you'll need to do is complete a questionnaire after you've played the game a few times. If you're interested, send us an email.

What I think is the biggest news this week, is that during our meeting today (where I am, yesterday where Marshall and Andrew are) we spent more time discussing ideas for our next game than we did on Shipload o'Gold. It's nebulous at this point, but there are some mechanics from a few games we enjoy that we think work well together, and can be adapted for what we're thinking of making. It's quite a bit more ambitious than Shipload o'Gold, so it'll take a bit to develop. We may off-shoot some of the design ideas into smaller games in the meantime, so stay tuned.