Sometimes it's Better to Stay Home

Today's Action card reveal was hinted at in last week's post as another way of dealing with the nasty weather on the high seas. Read on to find out what it is.

In the original rules for Shipload o'Gold, we had a way of dealing with Weather cards. At the time, those weather cards were just Eastern/Western/Trade Wind, Hurricane, and one yet to be revealed card. We had some ways of interacting with the Weather deck in place, though the only one that made it through the design process from the beginning was Looking Glass.

As I mentioned last week, Expert Navigation came around a little later in the development, when we were finding that the "instant speed" Action cards played well without being overly strong. While Expert Navigation could be played after a Weather card, our original idea had to be played before your Weather card draw.

Weigh Anchor was one of the original Action cards we drew up, and has done well as the true foil to Looking Glass. Before we settled on the instant counter cards, I thought the best way to deal with Looking Glass would be to have something not obvious. It made sense to have an Action card where you could skip your Weather card draw. This definitely throws a wrench into the plans of a rival pirate that played a Looking Glass and set up an ideal Weather situation, as you get to disrupt their planned card order.

It is a good illustration of what we consider to be a simple design and effect that can be used strategically, which may not be apparent at first, to much higher effect.