An Uphill Climb

Today we're revealing another of the Weather cards in Shipload o'Gold, but first an update from Yanaguana HQ.

So, as we mentioned a few weeks ago, we'd be hearing by 1 December if we were going to get a spot in the PAX South Indie Tabletop Showcase. Well, we did get the news, and unfortunately we were not chosen. Yet another bummer for us (the Hasbro contest being the first), but we're still trucking on.

We've got the files all sent to a printer for our initial batch of printed copies. We should have those in the next couple weeks, definitely before PAX South happens.

Now on to this week's featured card!

This card was one of the original Weather cards, though it started rather simple. The original version was simply "Do not pass a coin." It was the one type of safe card in the Weather Deck.

As we moved along in development, we came to a decision point: do we add more variety to the cards in the Weather deck by creating new effects, or do we add effects that check for certain conditions on existing Weather cards?

As you saw with Hurricane, we decided on the second option. With Safe Harbor, we wanted it to act as sort of like the way Free Parking is usually played in Monopoly, where not only do you not have to worry about losing money, but you can get something for free. In the current version, Safe Harbor's rules now are:

Do not pass a coin. If you have only 1 coin and no Action Cards, draw an Action card.

So when you're doing well in the game, it's a nice card to draw because you don't lose anything. If you're running out of luck, have only one coin, and you're out of Action Cards, then you get an Action Card for free.

There's one other Weather card we created that gives you an Action card for free. Come back next Tuesday to find out what that is!