In My Experience, There's no Such Thing as Luck

It's the final week of card reveals for Shipload o'Gold. On Thursday, the last card will be revealed, but that means there's still one to reveal today, so read on to find out what it is!

Today's card is another that came up somewhere in the middle of the development process. This was the point where we liked the "instant speed" cards - the cancel cards that can be played at any time - and wanted to expand on that a bit more. There were a couple of game events that we wanted to address, and we felt this class of card had the ability to diminish the chance these events would come up without creating new problems of their own. It could feel bad if for example you ended your turn with three coins, then the next three players all drew Hurricanes and you lost the game without any interaction on your part. Expert Navigation was added mostly for that reason, but we wanted something that could be used in a few other situations.

I thought of the concept of having a hidden cache (which was the card's original name), basically a tiny bit of stored wealth in case you lost everything else. The problem we ran into was how to illustrate that concept. We tried about three or four variations, but nothing was really working. Then, just before the deadline for artwork, a very simple solution dawned on us.

Lucky Coin became that "instant speed" last ditch save that we felt the game needed. There are only two in the Action deck, so it's not something that will come up often, but it always feels good to have one in your hand. From my own play sessions, this card has on two occasions saved me from losing my last coin, and I actually came back to win the game.

Like the other "take coins from the center" Action cards, this has a sell value of zero, for the same reason as the rest: if you're taking coins from the center with the card anyway, there'd be no point in selling the card to get likely less coins from the center.

Be sure to come back on Thursday for the reveal of the final card in Shipload o'Gold!