The Final Treasure

Today, we are revealing the final card in Shipload o'Gold!

As I've mentioned before, my first experience with Marshall's original game idea was at PAX South 2015. The game had a pirate theme, and was built off the "left, center, right" mechanic, though everything - coin passing and "actions" were all in one deck. 

You can see from this original card idea that the pirate/nautical theme was there from the beginning. There were cards that caused you to take coins from the center or from another player, but you didn't hold onto them, just drew them at random from the same deck as what became the Weather cards.

I thought the pirate theme was a good idea, and that the core concept was sound. The splitting of the decks allowed for players to strategize and plan a bit, and the game grew into something much better.

When we were originally jotting down ideas for things to try incorporating into the game, we had quite a long list. Out of that list, the original Action cards we used were:

  • Plunder - this became the Capture card.
  • Raid - this stayed the same.
  • Mutiny - this one changed quite a bit throughout development, but always involved losing a lot of your coins.
  • Scuttle - we didn't keep this one in the game. It was essentially going to give you a couple Weather cards, and you make another player immediately play two of them.
  • Weigh Anchor - this stayed the same.
  • Outrun - this stayed the same.
  • Loyal Crew - this stayed the same.
  • Looking Glass - this stayed the same.
  • Loot - this became today's card.

We chose these as they seemed to cover the more obvious pirate tropes that people were familiar with. The most obvious, and what we wanted to be the most potent, was something about finding a large treasure. I'm not sure why we called this Loot originally as there was a much more obvious name - X Marks the Spot.

This card represents what is often the largest single power swing in the game. While it's not guaranteed to win you the game, there's a good chance the amount of coins you'll gain will put you far ahead of your opponents.

Just be sure to have a Loyal Crew handy as all that wealth will make you a prime target for a Mutiny.

There's also the chance that someone may play a Blockade on you as well, so don't gloat too much as you drop this on the table.

We've now revealed all the cards in Shipload o'Gold, and they're all currently in the Gallery, so be sure to check there for the overall picture.

I'm going to be taking next week off from posting as I'm going to be traveling with my family, and I'm not sure what my level of internet access will be. I will be back on 12 January to resume these twice-weekly posts. In addition to traveling, we're gearing up for PAX South, so YGHQ is pretty much going full speed.

I hope all reading this have a safe and wonderful New Year, and I'll see you all again on the 12th of January!