Bahamian Inspiration

As mentioned last week, we designed two Weather cards that can potentially give you an Action card for free. We revealed Safe Harbor last week, read on to find out what the other Weather card is.

Sunset in the Bahamas.

So, back in the summer of 2002, after finishing my BS in Mechanical Engineering, I was lucky enough to go on a vacation down to Nassau, Bahamas. It was a rather enjoyable experience, and I did happen to go to the pirate museum there. Note that this was a year before the Pirates of the Caribbean movie had come out, so Jack Sparrow was not yet a household name, but it was neat to see some of the history of the legendary pirates.

While the weather there was mostly beautiful, there was one day while we were driving from the time share to the city that there was quite a storm out at sea. That was the first time I witnessed a tornado, and specifically a water spout. I saw two on the short drive, and their image is still burned into my memory.

When we were brainstorming the initial Weather cards, I had written down "Water Spout" in my notes, but couldn't figure out a way to work it in. It wasn't until we decided to have the modal Weather cards that check certain conditions that we figured out a way to work it in. It had to be dangerous, but with a potential upside. I don't know if it's true or not, but I envision that water spouts can sometimes toss things that are into the water, so that became part of the design. Here's how Water Spout works:

Pass half of your coins to the center. If you have two or fewer Action cards, draw an Action card.

So essentially, if you're hit with a Water Spout it'll definitely cause some financial damage to you. However, there's a chance something worthwhile may have been pulled up from the deep and left on the deck of your ship. Not entirely realistic, I know, but it seems to fit and play well. The reason why it mentions "two or fewer Action cards" is because if someone is at three Action cards, they're at the maximum hand size limit and aren't able to draw more.

Now that you've seen the different ways the Weather deck can provide someone with Action cards, next week we'll take a look at two other cards that deal with Actions.