A storm is brewing


Things are starting to move quicker here at Yanaguana Games. Development of our first game, Shipload o'Gold is finally nearing the final stages. Play tests have been completed, artwork is being finalized, rules are being checked and checked again. We're almost ready to send our baby out into the world. Stay tuned here for more updates.

In other news, we've submitted Shipload o'Gold to Hasbro Gaming Lab's "Design the Next Great Game" contest. If we're one of the lucky few, they'll help us get an Indigogo campaign going by the end of October. If we're even luckier, they'll give us $10k and some help from their design studio. Fingers crossed!

We've also secured our 3-day passes to PAX South in January 2016. We're currently in talks with the Penny Arcade staff to see if we can be a part of the Indie Game Showcase, or if we're able to get help with a booth. If we're not able to get an official space, we'll be letting you know where and when you can find us in the Tabletop area to at least come play Shipload o'Gold.

As you can probably tell, it's an exciting time for us. Our sails are full and we have spotted our island oasis on the horizon. Tally ho!