Journeys Abroad

Today's update is a bit different. We're far too early in development to start talking about some of the games we're working on, and we're in a lull before PAX South.

Business-wise, we're only waiting on some of our marketing materials to arrive to us, which doesn't make for very interesting conversation. I can say that the version of Shipload o'Gold that we will be selling at PAX South will include something you can use for coins. 

For our second game, I am going to invite Marshall to write a post about that, since it was entirely his creation, based off a post on BoardGameGeek. Look for that in the coming weeks.

Other than that, there really isn't much to talk about at this time. Rather than just leave you with a tiny note, I figured I'd open the window on my life a bit.

Since most of you probably don't know, I've currently got the good fortune to be living in England with my wife while she's stationed here. That means we get to travel a bit since it's rather inexpensive to get around Europe. For me, I have been finding inspiration in some of our little adventures, and hope to be working those ideas into games down the road. Sometimes though, you see things that just make you put everything else aside while you take in the beauty of what you're looking at.

We traveled to Geneva, Switzerland for a few days after the New Year (which is why I was gone last week). While the city was beautiful, it was very expensive. Our first night there, we enjoyed some $20+ burgers, which while good, were equivalent to Five Guys or In-and-Out burgers. We did visit a few places in the city, the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Museum being one of the most remarkable, but it was a trip outside the city, just over the border into France that was the most memorable.

This panoramic was taken at this spot, on a nearby mountain overlooking the city of Geneva. Unfortunately, it doesn't fully capture the majesty of the view. If you look at the map, and tilt the viewing angle, you can see that it's on the edge of a rather steep cliff. To me, it felt like being at the edge of the Grand Canyon, but instead of looking down to a river, there was the city of Geneva. It was beautiful, and not something we had planned to do at all, and only cost us the small amount of gas to drive to and from.

Like I said above, traveling has been inspiring me, and I just wanted to put it out there that it's something everyone should do. Granted, getting to Geneva and being there for a few days was expensive, but getting to this spot cost relatively nothing, so it doesn't always have to be a journey you have to budget for. I remember growing up in New Hampshire, there were incredible things to be found within short drives or hikes. Since everyone tends to be in a "resolution mode" right now at the start of the New Year, I encourage everyone to explore their wold a bit more, even if it's driving down a street you've never been down before. You never know what you may find.