PAX South Location Information

Today, I'll be providing you all with the information we currently have on where we'll be at PAX South next weekend.

If you went to PAX South last year, the layout of the convention is going to be a bit different this year. Last year, what was the Tabletop area is going to still be the main Expo hall. The area where last year we queued for swag bags, and for certain signings (like Mike & Jerry's signings) is where the Tabletop area will be this year. Here's the overview of how the whole convention will look:

The current version of the PAX South 2016 map from the online guidebook.

As you can see, the Tabletop area is on the left side of the map, right near the info desk, and just above the PC Room. As for where we'll be specifically, it seems as though exhibitors in the Tabletop area don't have Table numbers, but we were given a map showing where we'll be.

The map of the Tabletop area with our booth indicated.

It looks like we're very close to a main walkway, so we're pretty psyched about that. It's also pretty exciting for us to look at the list of Tabletop exhibitors and see our name right there with other companies like Fantasy Flight Games, Steve Jackson Games, and the like.

So there's where we'll be. We'll be selling our two games, Shipload o'Gold and Stir Fry 18, and will only have a limited number of copies of each game (with some goodies to go along with them as well). If you'd like to get a copy, make sure you get to our booth early!

I'll be back on Tuesday with some pictures and price points of what we'll be selling. Next Thursday I'll be traveling from London to San Antonio, so there won't be an official post, but I may pop in during the travels for some random updates. After that, we're going to be super busy with everything going on, so while we'll do our best to provide updates during PAX, I can't guarantee anything until the following Tuesday.