PAX South 2016 Products

Today I get to post the culmination of just under a year's worth of work - what we'll have for sale at PAX South 2016!

If you've been visiting this site at all over the last few months, then you'll be familiar with our first game, Shipload o'Gold.

The PAX South 2016 edition of Shipload o'Gold.

Shipload o'Gold was designed for 3-8 players (with instructions for a 2-player variant included in the rules). In this package, you'll receive a copy of Shipload o'Gold, which includes 85 game cards, a rules booklet, and 5 reminder cards. We've also included a bag with enough plastic coins to cover up to 8 players. The price for this package is $20.

Our second game, Stir Fry 18, will also be for sale at PAX South 2016.

The PAX South 2016 edition of Stir Fry 18.

Stir Fry 18 is what we call a "micro game" meaning it is very portable and quick to play. There are only 18 cards in the game, and it was designed for 2-5 players. In the PAX South 2016 package, you'll receive the game and a baggie to store the game in after opening, all packaged in a take-out box with a fortune cookie. The price for this package is $10.

So there's what we'll have for you. Keep in mind that we only have a limited amount of each game, so if you want to get a copy, make sure you stop by as early as possible. Internet connectivity will likely be hit-or-miss, but we'll try to update throughout the weekend with how we're doing with our on-hand stock.

We're all looking forward to meeting you all at PAX South! Be sure to swing by our booth in the Tabletop area and pick up a copy of our games.