PAX South 2016 Updates

Greetings everyone from PAX South! We're one day through the event, and getting ready to start our second day as I write this.

Yesterday was quite an experience, from selling our first copies of games, to demoing the games to a near constant stream of attendees. We're getting lots of positive feedback on both games, with purchases backing those statements up probably a bit more than half the time. Personally, I would've liked to see sales a bit higher, but Friday was not a sold out day for entrance badges, and we know from being attendees last year, those with 3-day badges tend to purchase items later in the weekend.

Today should hopefully be a bit different. Saturday badges have been sold out for the last few months, and from what we remember of last year, the halls were packed with people. Hopefully we'll have enough energy to get through today, and still be functional tomorrow!

So, if you're reading this and have not yet made it down to PAX South, be sure to come check us out in the Tabletop section. We're on the main path to the food area in the Tabletop section, nestled in between Broken Token and Pathfinder. We'll be looking forward to meeting you!