End of 2016 update

Hello and happy holidays to everyone. We hope the year has been good to you and that you've made many fond memories around the game table. This year at Yanaguana Games was incredible and we have only our fans, friends, and families to thank. We just want to give you an update on what the year was like and what's coming up starting in January.

We started 2016 by showing at PAX South where we promptly sold out of our first print run of Stir Fry Eighteen! From that point we of course moved to reprint the game in a more suitable retail box (those of you with the '16 Pax South Take-out Box have a rare bird on your hands). You've no doubt seen our handy little tuck box but we'll share it below with it's cute little hat on.

box art display Holiday.png

After PAX we spent much of our year dealing directly with local retailers across the U.S. with some success. We are working on adding a page with all of our retailers soon as well as working towards alternate distribution methods. We will keep updating on that front, but if there is a store you'd like to see our games in, please drop us a line.

Towards the end of the year Andrew and Marshall started working on a game involving guitar picks. It's evolved wonderfully into a full board game with some really fun mechanics and it's getting great feedback in initial play tests but more on that later.

2016-12-07 20.46.45.jpg

We also unfortunately had to say goodbye to one of our team at the end of 2016 as well. Alex Clifford is one of the co-founders of YG and quite frankly this company would not exist without him. Alex moved to the UK shortly before 2016 began and was an amazing team member to get up early mornings for Skype meetings with us late at night for much of the year. The realities of working from overseas eventually became clear and Alex gracefully handed the reigns of the company over to Andrew and Marshall. We will always have a seat at the table here for Alex and he remains our close lifelong friend.

2016-01-28 20.16.47.jpg

That brings us to 2017... PAX South here we come! Andrew and Marshall are proud to show their new game off at PAX South 2017. We have a demo booth in the tabletop area again and will have a small on hand stock of our published games there for sale. We will update more soon on that but for now, enjoy your New Year celebrations and be safe!