Taking the Plunge

This week I get to write my second article for the site and it's about "change". Call it jumping off the cliff, heading out into the great unknown, or even taking the plunge as seen in today's title. The main theme here is that change and adaptation are essential elements of business, game design, and life in general. That being said I'd like to share some of my personal experiences with change and "taking the plunge" in both game design and in life. 

First I'll start with the MAJOR life change that I have been waiting to share. My family (Me, Courtney, and Harrison) is moving to Providence, Rhode Island in a little over a week. We will drive all the way from Texas together to start a new chapter in all of our lives. We are super excited about this but it's certainly not been easy saying goodbye the last few days. 

Courtney is an ultra talented Hair stylist and colorist, with aspirations of being involved with Fashion Week in NY. She will be starting at a salon shortly after we arrive. I will be heading up the Yanaguana presence in the Northeast, attending conventions to bring you more games and be closer to more retailers and events. Harrison is starting at the law firm of Pull up diapers & Little Einsten Esquire. 

That all being said you might be asking "how does this relate to game design?". The fact is Yanaguana was founded when Alex and I jumped off a cliff together and formed the company (signing papers legal blah blah blah) shortly after Pax South 2105.

We then encouraged Andrew to jump off the same cliff soon after. We all jumped when we self funded print runs of games to take to convention. It's a pattern of major changes and calculated risks that have led us to this point and I'd say adaptation is something Yanaguana does well. We roll with the punches, and figure things out as if we were solving just another design issue. 

Stir Fry Eighteen (Yes it's STILL sold out, coming back soon) was most certainly a "take the plunge" moment. I've described how it was designed last time, but it really was just a matter of a scribble and a few choices. The stipulations on the BGG forum were a challenge, and I jumped when I accepted it, fortunately it worked out substantially as Stir fry seems to be a favorite of all I share it with. 

Without getting too redundant I just want to say that the past year and a half have been a series of very big decisions leading up to this relocation, and the future of our company. It's in a great place, we are expanding our reach and are able to meet weekly to stay on task. I will take the plunge and jump off the cliff with the members of this company. I urge you all to take the plunge in your life, or if you have done so then share with us how it's gone. 

Thanks for reading, my next article might have a bit of snow on it. See you all at Pax East?