Looking Ahead

Earlier today, we had our weekly HQ meeting and had plenty to talk about. Here's a quick update on where Yanaguana Games is headed in the months to come:

  • We are going to see if we're still able to get a booth or demo space at PAX East. PAX South was obviously a big event for us, and with Marshall moving up to Rhode Island, PAX East will be in his neck of the woods. We plan on having both Shipload o'Gold and Stir Fry 18 available there as well.
  • We will also be looking for other conventions in the San Antonio/Dallas/Houston triangle as well.
  • We are still evaluating Kickstarter options, though nothing is set in stone. Right now, it's looking more likely that Stir Fry 18 will be what we look to Kickstart.
  • We have five other game designs in the pipeline, so we're definitely not stopping any time soon.

As always, I'll update everyone here once things get set, so stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.