This Week at YGHQ - 7 April

Alex here, with another weekly peek into the goings-on at the multinational Yanaguana HQ.

  • Andrew had a nice recap of his weekend visit to Board Game Island in Galveston, TX. If you missed the article on Tuesday, you can check it out here.
  • Our next batch of Stir Fry 18 is currently being printed, packaged, and sent out to us! For those that visited our booth at PAX South, the packaging will no longer be a chinese food box, but something made specifically for the game. As soon as we get the order delivered, we'll have pictures up.
  • In addition to getting pictures up of Stir Fry 18, we'll also be opening our online store once that shipment arrives! So all of you out there that didn't make it to PAX South or to Board Game Island will be able to purchase a copy of either of our games there.
  • We may be taking a break from Tuesday posts for a little while. My new job isn't leaving me with much free time, and we're also in a little bit of a news lull when it comes to our games. We don't yet have a new game at a stage where we're ready to talk about it. For now though, we'll keep these Thursday updates constant, but the Tuesday updates may be a bit more sporadic (from me at least - Marshall and Andrew may have things to write about on their own).