Demo Days Recap

Thank you to Tabletop San Antonio for hosting me this past Friday night. Chris was very helpful in setting me up with a great location to demo both Stir Fry 18 and Shipload O' Gold. I had a fantastic time playing with Ryan, William, C.J., Tommy, and Ian. Hopefully I'll be back in the near future to demo again.  

Knight Watch Games 

Thank you to Knight Watch Games for having us during their Grand Opening weekend!!! It was a honor to be a part of a brand new gaming store. Paraic and Brenda went out of their way to accommodate me and although it was Father's Day there were still plenty of people coming by to check out the newest gaming store in San Antonio. I had a great time demoing with Ethan, Brandon, Caitlin, Adira, Aisling and a few others that I met. I will defiantly try to get back here again, if only just to be a game player.  

Demo at Knight Watch Games 

Demo at Knight Watch Games 

Thank you to everyone I met and see ya at the tables!!!