Demo Days and HQ Update

Hello again, we have been incredibly busy as a team and have not been updating you as regularly as we used to. Fear not as we are doing fantastic and I wanted to share some of what we have been so busy with over the past month. Before we get caught up on the particulars of the company I'd like to share a couple of demo and play events that our Lead of Development Andrew will be hosting in the San Antonio Area this month!


Tabletop San Antonio: June 17, 2016  @ 6:30pm CST

Knight Watch Games: June 19, 2016 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00pm CST

Both events will feature Shipload o' Gold and Stir Fry demonstrations, play through sessions, general shenanigans, squirrel watching, and plenty of copies to pick up for yourself! Please join Andrew and these two great gaming stores for some fun games and help build both the SA Tabletop community and support for a local indie game developer! We look forward to seeing you at a demo day!

I mentioned that we would update on what we've been up to this month so I will share the broad strokes and go into more detail next week. We are in multiple retail stores at this point with more to come which we will elaborate more on soon. We are exploring some distribuition options and avenues that may increase sales and reach. Most importantly Andrew our Lead of Development has been setting up everything from retail sales to demonstration days.

Andrew is a Rockstar so if you are in the San Antonio area be sure to go see him at one of the demo days. We will get into more specifics next week sometime about our new retail ventures, for now thanks for being patient and keeping up with our progress.