Come see us at PAX South this Weekend!

It's that time of year again and we are really excited to show off what we've been working on at PAX South in San Antonio, TX this weekend. We've got a new euro style worker placement game called "Re-Chord" that utilizes real guitar chords as objectives and guitar picks as pieces! We have some demo copies to show and our upcoming Kickstarter should be launching very soon after the show. Be sure to stop by TT903 and play a round with us.

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We also of course have both Stir Fry Eighteen and Shipload o' Gold copies for sale but are limited in terms of stock again this year so drop by early if you have been planning to pick up either. We sold out on Sunday last year so we've adjusted our inventory to attempt to accommodate more folks! We can certainly demo either of those games for you as well. 

We have some meetings planned with various publishers and distributors in the near future as well. Andrew and Marshall would like to focus on creating and developing games this year and plan to delegate distribution and sales efforts. If you are a publishing outlet and would like more information please email us or visit the booth at PAX to set something up.

We are beyond excited for the hours of gaming and teaching we will be doing this weekend. We love all of our games but have never been so excited about the potential of a game as we are for our new euro style game, "Re-Chord."  Come play it with us early in the weekend and get a raffle ticket for a game giveaway on Saturday night!

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