Post PAX South and 2017 HQ Update

Hello everyone. We just wanted to give you a quick update on what's been going on here at YG over the last month since PAX South! We'll recap our incredibly thrilling convention tale for you which involves a stolen vehicle, a fortuitous meeting, and exploding bottles of unknown mixtures!! We will also go into as much detail as possible about future plans, though much of that information is not able to be shared quite yet. Finally we will go over why we will not be at PAX East this year unfortunately.

PAX South players trying Re-Chord 1.png

PAX South was quite an experience this year! The new Henry B. Gonzalez convention center remodeling job is really impressive. We had a fantastic show and sold many more copies of Stir Fry Eighteen and actually sold out of on hand stock of Shipload o' Gold. The buzz about Re-Chord was abundantly positive and we feel it's definitely in a place to move forward. The excitement really kicked up a notch on Saturday night when we walked out to find that Andrew's Tahoe was stolen! We fortunately have some great friends in San Antonio who immediately scooped us up and took us to dinner, thank you times a million Anthony and Juan. After dinner we played Potion Explosion which is as silly and fun as it sounds, you make potions with matching marbles and then drink them to gain powers!

On Sunday we had meetings with two publishers, both had very positive things to say about our games. While we are still doing our due diligence, we were extremely comfortable with one group in particular and hope to be able to share more about that meeting in the near future. PAX South was yet again an incredible experience. Huge thanks to Rene Guzman for stopping by to interview us about Stir Fry Eighteen. You can see the printed version in the picture below and find his online article here:

We'd like to share what the future potentially looks like for YG currently. Essentially Andrew and Marshall have decided that making games is their primary passion. It's been vital to learn about manufacturing costs, shipping, printing processes, and self-distribution in that they've given us real insight into making great games that don't require high costs to produce. With all that in mind the plan is to move away from the publishing side of the business and leave it to folks who already have that knowledge figured down to a science.

We are still heavily play testing Re-Chord and planning the kickstarter campaign, if you have suggestions for stretch goals we'd love to hear them! Our plan was to take Re-Chord to PAX East for more testing and exposure. Unfortunately there were a number of logistical issues that came up, the primary being Marshall having a surgery being scheduled for the first week of March. It's not major but will require a bit of recovery so we've called off PAX East and Unpub for this year.

We also wanted to share that Andrew's vehicle was recovered! The person who stole the car was caught and we hope they get the help they need to get their life turned around. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you across a tabletop soon.

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