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Final 24 Hours of the Re-Chord Kickstarter!

What can we say other than THANK YOU to all of our amazing backers. As we enter the final 24 hours of Kickstarter funding for Re-Chord we are a little over 27K which is over 350% of our funding goal. You've unlocked exclusive backer only lanyards, and a hidden exclusive in the box! It's been an amazing campaign and we are thrilled to move to the next step. 

You can still back the campaign for 24 hours RIGHT HERE!

clean mini render.png

We are on a trajectory that could unlock the amazing guitar miniature designed by the one and only Ryan Lesser. No matter what, we are excited to see the backer made song parodies and get everything ready for print. Pick samples are already in the mail from China so we will be able to see them soon. Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for your support, you ROCK!

Re-Chord Kickstarter and PAX South update!

It's been an amazing start to 2018 for Yanaguana Games. Re-Chord launched on January 9th and funded in just seven hours! There aren't words to say how grateful we are to our amazing community of game collectors, you rock! If you have not had a chance to check out the campaign be sure to head over to the page and check out the limited pledge levels to become a permanent part of the project!


Andrew and Marshall will be at PAX South in San Antonio, TX this weekend at booth #1210. This is our hometown and one of our favorite conventions of the year! We'd love to see you at the convention and show you how to play Re-Chord or Stir Fry Eighteen and we will of course have Stir Fry Eighteen for sale. We also for the first time ever have PROMO CARDS for #SF18! Come by and pick up your Tofu Promo with any purchase. If you already own Stir Fry come by the booth also, See you in Texas!


Yanaguana Games @ PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia

We are headed to PAX Unplugged in Philly this weekend! Come play Re-Chord, pick up a copy of Stir Fry Eighteen, and hang out with the Yanaguana Games crew. We will be in our booth (957) during the show hours and will be playing games in the free play area most nights after the main floor closes. 

If you'd like to schedule a meeting to pitch games or talk about other opportunities we still have a small number of openings left, get in touch with us this week to set that up! We can't wait to see everyone at the first ever analog PAX! 

Re-Chord accepted into the 2017 Boston Festival of Indie Games

We've been notified that Re-Chord has been accepted as one of the Showcase Games at the 2017 Boston Festival of Indie Games. We are incredibly honored to be part of this show, and we can't wait to play games with everyone in September. We attended this show as a vendor last year and met many folks we now consider close friends. We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones this year!

The Boston Festival of Indie Games is held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA.  We'd love to see you there so we can show you how to play Re-Chord, and many other awesome game developers will show you their creations as well. You can buy tickets from the Boston FIG website HERE.

Boston FIG Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BostonFIG/

Boston FIG Twitter: https://twitter.com/bostonfig?lang=en

 Re-Chord won the 2017 Connecticut Festival of Indie Games "Most Innovative" award.

Re-Chord won the 2017 Connecticut Festival of Indie Games "Most Innovative" award.

 Wonderful players from Connecticut FIG posing with their instruments after a game.

Wonderful players from Connecticut FIG posing with their instruments after a game.

Yanaguana Games @ Connecticon with Re-Chord

Come join us this weekend in Hartford, CT at the incredible Connecticon! We will be showing off Re-Chord (and have out other games with us of course) during the show. We will also be playing games with con-goers after hours so come find Marshall and say hello!

Connecticut Convention Center
100 Columbus Blvd.
Hartford, CT 06103

Re-Chord recently won "Most Innovative" at the 2017 Connecticut Festival of Indie Games. The entire Yanaguana team is incredibly thrilled to have earned this prestigious award. If you have not yet played Re-Chord, we have the Tabletop Simulator mod up and running for those digitally inclined.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Hartford this weekend, come meet some amazing comic artists, celebrities, and creative professionals! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and hope to keep the fun rolling this weekend at Connecticon.

Spring Update - Re-Chord @ CT Festival of Indie Games

Hello everyone!

 We've got a ton to share today so let's get right into it. Yanaguana Games is having an incredible year so far and we appreciate every single person who has stopped to play a game, purchased some games from us, or shared the word about YG. If you are in south Texas you may have seen the full page article about Stir Fry Eighteen in the SA Express newspaper which was a pretty cool milestone for us. This year has been very busy, so let's talk about what's been going on since PAX South and what to expect this summer!

First and fret-mostly, if you don't know about our Guitar Themed game "Re-Chord" then get over to the game's page and take a look at the video Marshall created explaining how to play. We've been working non-stop since PAX South to make Re-Chord the absolute best game we can prior to releasing it. We've changed some of the guitar pick powers, added a draft, and made the game move a bit faster overall.

Marshall spent last weekend at the intense design convention "Fantasticon" in New Haven, CT sharing designs and swapping design tips with some brilliant folks from the industry. Re-Chord got some really amazing treatment and the improvements made last weekend are amazing. Designers, we cannot express how beneficial spending time with other creators can be for your process.

We have submitted Re-Chord for the Festival of Indie games in both Connecticut and Boston. We are VERY proud to announce that we have been accepted as one of the ten games to be showcased at Connecticut FIG on June, 3rd in Newington CT. Come out to Newington Tabletop Shop from 10 am - 8 pm and play Re-Chord with Marshall!

Finally we wanted to share that both Marshall and Andrew are meeting with various publishers, distributors, and vendors regularly to form the best plan for our products. Currently as a company we have a few options for Re-Chord's future including a Kickstarter campaign, a publishing agreement, or self publishing as we've done in the past. We are discussing the notion of letting another outlet publish Re-Chord and any further reprints of Stir Fry Eighteen which would allow us more time to create. 

That's the update! We hope your year has been equally successful and joyful. Andrew and his Wife Becky are also expecting their first Child this summer, so congratulate him or give him a nap break if you see him at conventions! Thanks for being part of Yanaguana Games' success and we can't wait to rock your socks off with Re-Chord later this year.

End of 2016 update

Hello and happy holidays to everyone. We hope the year has been good to you and that you've made many fond memories around the game table. This year at Yanaguana Games was incredible and we have only our fans, friends, and families to thank. We just want to give you an update on what the year was like and what's coming up starting in January.

We started 2016 by showing at PAX South where we promptly sold out of our first print run of Stir Fry Eighteen! From that point we of course moved to reprint the game in a more suitable retail box (those of you with the '16 Pax South Take-out Box have a rare bird on your hands). You've no doubt seen our handy little tuck box but we'll share it below with it's cute little hat on.

box art display Holiday.png

After PAX we spent much of our year dealing directly with local retailers across the U.S. with some success. We are working on adding a page with all of our retailers soon as well as working towards alternate distribution methods. We will keep updating on that front, but if there is a store you'd like to see our games in, please drop us a line.

Towards the end of the year Andrew and Marshall started working on a game involving guitar picks. It's evolved wonderfully into a full board game with some really fun mechanics and it's getting great feedback in initial play tests but more on that later.

2016-12-07 20.46.45.jpg

We also unfortunately had to say goodbye to one of our team at the end of 2016 as well. Alex Clifford is one of the co-founders of YG and quite frankly this company would not exist without him. Alex moved to the UK shortly before 2016 began and was an amazing team member to get up early mornings for Skype meetings with us late at night for much of the year. The realities of working from overseas eventually became clear and Alex gracefully handed the reigns of the company over to Andrew and Marshall. We will always have a seat at the table here for Alex and he remains our close lifelong friend.

2016-01-28 20.16.47.jpg

That brings us to 2017... PAX South here we come! Andrew and Marshall are proud to show their new game off at PAX South 2017. We have a demo booth in the tabletop area again and will have a small on hand stock of our published games there for sale. We will update more soon on that but for now, enjoy your New Year celebrations and be safe!

Granite Game Summit and Stir Fry 18 Restock

We are excited to announce that we will be showing our games at Granite Game Summit on October 22nd in Nashua, NH! This is a jam packed day of learning new games with their designers and playing games from a shared community library. We will have both Stir Fry 18 and Shipload o' Gold at the show to play all day (plus a few games from Marshall's personal library). We will also be showing one of the two Yanaguana games exclusively at 12:00 PM on the featured designer table. If you'd prefer one or the other game to be shown during that slot please email us with your suggestion. 



We met the organizers or this event at Boston FIG and couldn't be more thrilled to be included in the event. Speaking of FIG, between the Shows in Boston and Connecticut we SOLD OUT of Stir Fry 18 yet again! We were able to get another run done and want to thank our amazing printer for making that happen. We have copies available as of TODAY in the store again and are overwhelmed by the amazing response to our little game about cooking and bluffing. 

 Both games will be at Granite Games Summit on Oct 22nd! 

Both games will be at Granite Games Summit on Oct 22nd! 

We'd love to see you in New Hampshire if you can make it! We are still working on our schedule for the remainder of the year and figuring out logistics for Pax South so stay tuned for updates on those dates.

We also have a current development project in testing which uses guitar picks as a primary component. Please drop us a line if you'd be interested in testing it with us! We have had a few bits of press coverage and a really great review come in so we will be sure to share those next time. Thank you to everyone from all of our recent shows who has picked up our games or played and chatted with us! 


Boston FIG and Connecticut FIG

Hello again everyone! It's been a busy summer for us at Yanaguana Games and the Fall is starting off in a similar fashion. We will be at both Boston Festival of Indie Games on September 10th and Connecticut Festival of Indie Games on September 17th. We are proud to be a part of both shows as they are truly dedicated to what we are as indie tabletop developers. 

 Join us on Saturday September 10th at MIT for Boston FIG.

Join us on Saturday September 10th at MIT for Boston FIG.

We recently attended TempleCon in Rhode Island and the folks there were not only awesome and great fun to game with, they plugged us into the FIG events. We really appreciate how welcoming the tabletop community is no matter what State or Country we are in. It's a sure sign that not only do we love to do this, but that the people we make games for are super friendly and fun to be around.

 Join us on Saturday September 17th at  Newington Tabletop Shop  for CT FIG.

Join us on Saturday September 17th at Newington Tabletop Shop for CT FIG.

Both FIG events are one day only so be sure to register and come out to either one! We will have copies of both games for sale, and chances to win games or maybe even a fortune cookie.. 

TempleCon kicks off on Thursday

Starting Thursday morning through Sunday evening we will be setup in the at the Crowne Plaza Garden Pavilion vendors room for demo play and sales. Please come out and drop by the booth to say hello and play a game of Stir Fry Eighteen or Shipload O' Gold! This is our first time at TempleCon and we are looking forward to meeting some new folks and playing some great games.

Our table number is 25 and will be located near the registration table for vendors it appears. There also should be some play tables right in front of us for trial games and such. We will have limited copies of both games on hand so if you'd like to pick one up at the show come by early in the weekend just to be sure. If we sell out at the show or you can;t make it to Warwick we have the online store up and running for sales as usual! Can't wait to kick off the convention and show our super fun games off to even more game lovers.