Shipload o'Gold (Out of Print)

You are the captain of your own ship. Equipped only with your wits and what you've managed to round up from your home port, you're about to embark on your quest for fortune. Not only will you have to navigate dangerous seas, you will have to deal with other captains searching for their own fortune. Can you outwit your rival captains and brave the constantly changing seas to become the last pirate sailing with a Shipload o'Gold?

Designed by Marshall Britt and Alexander Clifford, with additional Development by Andrew Toth. Artwork by Marshall Britt.

Our Playtesters

We'd like to thank the following people for their time and help while we were tuning our design of this game:

ElectroMite, Jose Rodriguez, Carmella Rodriguez, Mike Generette, Jessamy Generette, Becky Torres, Elena Arushanyan, Vincent Rieck, Allison Rieck, Quincy Thomas, Charles Silva, Jarod Bellanger, Anne Davis, Steve Davis, Joyce Pipes, Nathan Pipes, Marah Short, Nathan Britt, Shelly Britt, Becky Toth, Dayron Vargas, Alex Vargas, Stacy F. & Family, the Gregorcyk Family

Shipload o'Gold Cards

Note that these are tentative card designs and may not be the same in the final product.

Weather Deck

You can click on the image of the card, then hover over the lightbox image to view the rules text for the card. 

Action Deck